About Us

I’m Tony Zarembski, and I grow green businesses and charities for a living.

Before I founded Green Collar Marketing®, my strategies and direct response copy boosted sales and donations in 23 industries.

It started with a piece of mail.

Everything changed the day I rewrote a donation letter from one of my favorite charities. I thought they were leaving money on the table… so I started editing it.

That night, I found Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples… and fell in love with direct response (sales) copywriting.

Within a year, I was working with the person who’d trained under Caples – Drayton Bird – and building the skills to help you… 

… from creating email autoresponders to direct mail campaigns, sales letters, and complete marketing strategies.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So what makes me qualified to help you?

Almost 20 years’ experience, successes, and learning from mistakes in 23 markets on two continents.

PHOTO LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14XzVZA9GpkiQtd5kLDeylLQWYkmVmI-p/view?usp=sharing

During college, I sold electronics face-to-face at Circuit City and worked in a produce department. Talking with — and selling to — thousands of people taught me what makes them tick.

I also interned in Hamburg, Germany, trying to sell newspaper ads door-to-door to businesses.

After college, I learned public relations and technical writing from my dad, who’d launched products and created campaigns for more than 100 companies from Hickory Farms and Mattel to B2Bs like Aeroquip and Trinova. He taught me how to create “sticky” product stories that the media immediately spreads and consumers want to buy. And we created capital campaigns for regional charities.

Next, I honed my sales writing working with Drayton Bird, and with Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach — who was profiled in Forbes magazine opposite Warren Buffett.

Ramit, left; Tony, right. Not pictured: My incredible coworkers, who
were also at I Will Teach’s company retreat dinner.

I’m living proof that Deep Work, deliberate practice, and expert mentors matter. Because today, I’ve beaten sales records for $8,000 courses and global charities — but I couldn’t sell a 25 Euro newspaper ad when I was 21.

You’ll save time and make more money because of what I’ve learned from my years of mentorship, and studying more than 100 books about psychology, direct response marketing/copywriting, and climate change…

… placing and writing dozens of renewable energy articles for clients…

… investing 5 figures on one-on-one and group coaching to hone my marketing and sales craft.

… and reinventing clients’ elevator pitches or boosting sales in 23 markets, including a:

  • Global charity to treat/cure preventable blindness
  • Sleep improvement program
  • Breakthrough knot-tying tool that’s safer, faster, and easier
  • Language-learning course used in more than 40 countries
  • Leading self-publishing program
  • Strategic business review firm
  • UK hearing aid company (difficulties included persuading people to chose them over the NHS, which offers free hearing aids… and many people not wanting to admit they need hearing aids in the first place)
  • Courses to build online businesses
  • Nationally-recognized charity feeding hungry children

If you want to join them, click here to apply to work with Green Collar Marketing®.

“….Tony is one of the few copywriters my colleagues and I rate. He has a real talent for understanding the power of emotion – and how to use it.”

– Drayton Bird, Master Direct Response Copywriter and Bestselling Author of Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing