Green Collar Marketing Helps Companies and Nonprofits Reverse Climate Change

If you want to make a bigger impact — and change public opinion —
then you need more qualified leads and sales (or donations):

Green Collar Marketing® grows energy, transportation, and food companies – and nonprofit charities — that reverse climate change and create sustainable jobs. And works with no one else.

I’m Tony Zarembski, the company’s founder.

You and I don’t have extra time to reverse climate change.

It takes more sales and more awareness for green products to reach mass adoption and economies of scale.

And it takes larger donations, more often, from more people for nonprofits to change public opinion — and persuade individuals and governments to take action.

That’s why you’ll benefit from our laser focus on your market and on measurable results.

Our learning curve is shorter because we specialize.

We boost your bottom line and increase your impact, because Green Collar Marketing repositions organizations so they stand out…

… and because we create high-level strategies and copy-and-paste sales tools that convert more of your prospects and traffic into highly qualified leads, happily paying customers, and gracious donors.

These sales tools are based on the same psychological and sales principles that major companies have invested billions of dollars to test, refine, and validate (Direct Response Marketing).

You get faster turnaround, smoother communication, less back-and-forth, and greater revenue… because we combine proven principles with expert market research and proprietary creative processes and checklists.

And we’ve worked and trained with — and learned from — some of the biggest names in marketing.

Our strategies and sales copy have boosted sales or donations in 23 industries — from food banks and blindness nonprofits to B2C information products, voice dictation, website optimization, $50M-$1B+ construction management, high-end audio and hearing aids, and renewable energy storage.

Today, we’re focused solely on green businesses and charities.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about our results:


“Tony’s marketing strategy and sales copy helped take us from $0 to $1,500,000+ in less than 18 months. He created our 7-figure email funnels, plus our sales pages and upsells. If you want more sales, you’ll love working with him. The guy is a legend, and a marketing genius.”

– Chandler Bolt, Founder & CEO at Self-Publishing School


“….Tony is one of the few copywriters my colleagues and I rate. He has a real talent for understanding the power of emotion – and how to use it.”

– Drayton Bird, Master Direct Response Copywriter and Bestselling Author of Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing

Nobody in the world knows more about direct marketing than Drayton Bird.

— David Ogilvy, “Father of Advertising,” and an inspiration for Mad Men

“WOW!! THIS COPY IS PURE GOLD. I am blown away. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to express (I just didn’t have the words). I cannot thank you enough Tony!”

– Selena Soo, Publicity and Marketing Strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors

Campaign: “Hungry children: One of Lucas County’s Best-Kept Secrets”

Nationally recognized, FLCC provided hot meals to hungry kids — but they had a problem: Many potential donors were unaware that kids were going to bed hungry. Our work included positioning and elevator pitch development to tell this story (“Change starts at home” and “Come for the food, stay to learn”). In addition, we created website copy, radio ads, capital expansion brochures, direct response donation letters, and promotional materials for fundraising events. 

Shown: Tony Siebeneck, Founder of Feed Lucas County Children

Tony helped me take a vastly new approach to alternative revenue streams…. [And he] was able to mimic my writing style and boost conversion without being aggressive or ‘sales-y.’”

– Benny Lewis, NY Times Bestselling author and founder of Fluent in Three Months, the world’s most-read language learning blog

“If you’re looking for a hired gun to shape up your [sales] copy I don’t think you’ll find many better writers out there.”

“Tony’s a great guy and a great copywriter. He did a bunch of freelance work for me back when I was copy chief for I Will Teach You to be Rich. I tried to hire him full-time 2 years ago, but he wasn’t interested in giving up the freedom of the freelance life for a 9-to-5. If you’re looking for a hired gun to shape up your copy I don’t think you’ll find many better writers out there.”

-Will Green, Copy Team Leader, Money Map Press, an Agora Company

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